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How To Use A Cement Mixer

Mixing concrete or cement by hand is very labour intensive and is only really suitable for small quantities, mixing with a mixer is much easier and quicker allowing larger quantities to be produced in a relatively short time. At Hire Station we only have Belle Mixers in our hire fleet which are built for durability and are the number one choice for mixers worldwide.
how to prepare the mixer, creating a concrete mix, emptying the mixer and cleaning the mixer. It has been created so you get the most out of the cement mixer.
Step 1
First of all it is important to make sure that the cement mixer is positioned on firm and level ground. This will help prevent the mixer from falling over whilst in use. It is also beneficial that your mixer is close to an uninterrupted water supply.

Step 2
Set the mixer so the drum is at a 45 degree angle with the mouth of the drum facing upwards. You can now plug the machine in and turn it on.

Step 3
The correct mixing ratio for concrete (cement, sand, stone and water) depends on the type of application you are using the concrete for. Harder concrete will require more cement whilst rough application concrete (such as that used in paths or areas requiring grip) you’ll need to add more aggregate.

Start by adding 7 litres (1.5 gallons) of water into the drum. You can add more or less if required depending on the mixture needed. Add a small amount of aggregate before adding your cement to avoid sticking. You should always work consistently to the ratio of ingredients needed for the project you are undertaking.

Step 4
Next tilt the drum slowly to load the wheelbarrow, be careful not to overfill the wheelbarrow or over tip the cement mixer.

How to use Cement Mixer

Step 5
Never allow your machine to run dry, dried concrete is incredibly hard and time consuming to remove from the drum.

To prevent this add a small amount of sand into the drum with plenty of water and leave the drum to turn for several minutes and then empty the contents.

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