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What is the price of a concrete mixer?

The cost of concrete mixer machine is closely related to the type and capacity of a mixer. Forced mixers are more expensive than self-falling (drum) mixers of the same capacity. Haomei supplies JS concrete mixers of JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000, capacity ranging from 20m3/h to 480m3/h.

The price of these machines varies from model to model. The smallest, JS500, costs around $5000, and the largest about $20000. You should choose based on your practical needs about capacity. If you need to equip a 25m3 concrete batching plant with a concrete mixer, for instance, you are suggested to choose JS500. Thus inquire your supplier first.

In addition to models, what impacts the cement concrete mixer machine price is quality. concrete mixer machines have been developed under an overall quality management. We select brand suppliers and the main units are imported from abroad. The concrete mixer is affordable and does not need to be filled with lubricating oil. Of trapezoid liner design, the machine has a service life more than 70000 cans. Equipped with high wear-resistant alloy mixing arm, our mixers boast high wear resistance and strong impact resistance. The efficiency of mixing ordinary concrete is increased by more than 20%, and that of mixing high-performance concrete is increased by more than 50%. What's more, we guarantee no leakage of concrete.

The concrete mixer machine cost is also influenced by the design level. Our engineers have taken appearance and maintenance convenience into account in their design, developing mixers with novel structures and beautiful appearance. The top panel of the batching machine can be removed as required to reduce the labor intensity of feeding. Energy saving and environmental protection have been considered, too. According to the needs of customers, a mixer can be processed into a fully closed environmental protection station. As for weighing methods, there are two: single material weighing and cumulative material weighing, fulfilling high accuracy of batching and adjusted material ratio. You can have the mixer controlled either automatically or manually, both operation simple and efficient.

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